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Extensions are a great way of enjoying a better house without losing your home and memories. They are also a great way of adding considerable living space to a structure without spending too much. Just as education is an investment for your future, house extension is an investment that will add space and value to your property.

If your house is already your perfect home, but you and yours just need some extra space, a house extension may be the perfect fix. You can choose to extend your house up, out or to the side, making room for all the things you want when thinking about the future. No matter how you choose to do it, we are here to make sure your project will be properly completed. We will help you with legalities, logistics and builders, while making sure your budget is properly used. Our work begins with Building Regulations and ends with your dream house! Our team always conforms to building and safety regulations, making sure the build is safe and practical, and any permission required from local authorities will be discussed with you in full.

Over the years, we have used some innovative techniques to create some amazing spaces such as utilising skylights, lightwells and floor to ceiling windows and bi-folding doors to bring natural light into a room. With Zekon Ltd. the choices for an extension are limited just by our combined imagination and the budget.

Everybody wants a perfect house, but the truth is nobody actually enjoys moving. Why waste time and money when you can turn your house into the perfect home by adding space while reducing costs? Zekon Ltd. is an expert in building dream extensions, for more exemples visit our portfolio page or you can contact us for a location visit.

Extending your home can take many different forms. Take extending upwards – sometimes there’s already a first-floor roof to extend on top of and at other times, people will extend into another storey. Then there are cellar spaces to extend down into, or perhaps one of the most popular – extending to the side of a house with anything from a first and second floor extension to a bedroom or a open space livingroom. With so many great options, there are several reasons why you might benefit from extending your home. There are many options and reason to choose a home extension:

Adding value: Perhaps the most obvious of all, the main aim of all home improvements is to add value. Whether that’s value to your family in the form of a family room, to your guests in the form of a downstairs toilet or in the form of an extra bedroom to preserve family harmony, each reason has value in mind. In addition to these types of added value, there’s monetary value. Adding an extra bedroom to a home can add around £20,000 to £30,000 to its value if it was to then be sold. Similarly, conservatories, utility rooms and downstairs toilets are all extremely attractive to prospective future buyers if you intend to sell on your home one da

Providing another living area: Often as a family grows, so does the requirement for separate relaxation rooms. Having toys strewn about the room that you use for relaxing in to watch television, or to carry out work or chores like ironing, can be problematic. Add to this the fact that the kids will probably want to watch cartoons whilst you want to catch the latest headlines or soap storyline and there’s always going to be someone unhappy with just one living area.

Remodelling: Making homes lighter, more modern or even open plan are often reasons that people choose to invest in home extensions. Terraced houses in particular can often be very dark, but by opening up to the back of the property or adding in a loft extension with sky light, a home can be completely transformed.

Making the most of outdoor space: If you have a large garden, driveway or space to the side of your home, extending into it rarely detracts from your outdoor space, whilst it adds significant benefits to your indoor space. A conservatory for example, can provide another eating space and works well to showcase a garden space. Similarly, a porch would not usually take up too much space at the front of a home, but can add significant storage and security benefits.

Extension Zekon Ltd.

There are many types of extension that can improve your dream home or increase its value on long term:

1. Rear extensions;

2. Single, double or multi-storey;

3. Wrap around home extension;

4. Cellar or basement extension;

Our team is available to discuss the range of extension options that are available to you, advice on whether you would require planning permission, and go through all the fine details with you. Bellow you will find more information about the most chosen types of home extensions.

Zekon Ltd. is an expert in building dream extensions, for more exemples visit our portfolio page or you can contact us for a location visit.

Where sufficient space is provided a rear house extension has enormous potential to change the very nature of your house. This type of house extension idea can include internal property alterations such as to open up your kitchen to your back garden and create an open-plan area that can be used as a combined kitchen, dining and living area. With this option you will not only benefit from the size increase of your property but you will also add a considerable amount of value to it too. You can use this type of house extension to increase the space of your rooms or you could use it to modify or even completely reorganise the way you utilise the interior floor space.

A well designed and constructed side extension will look and feel like a natural part of your home and not like a foreign body and Zekon Ltd. quality build can be seen in the projects we have created so far, as seen bellow too.

Rear extension Zekon Ltd.

If your period terrace or semi-detached house has retained its original kitchen, this will probably be a small and narrow space that’s separate from the main living rooms and tucked away in a rear projection known as a closet wing or outrigger. The result is an L-shaped garden and a strip of land at the side of the house – the side return. This interior layout often doesn’t work for 21st century living, which is why many homeowners are opting to extend the kitchen into the side return. By reclaiming this space, you can create an open-plan kitchen and family room without sacrificing much of the garden.

A side return extension is a popular home improvement. Not only does it create extra space (ideal if your current kitchen is the size of a postage stamp), but it can also add significant value to your home. Plus, an extension is the perfect compromise if you’re looking to upsize but aren’t keen to move. You can view Zekon Ltd. portfolio for more exemples or you can contact us for a location visit.

Side extension Zekon Ltd.

Wrap around type of extensions are created by combining a side return extension and a rear extension together, creating L shaped wrap around extension. Mostly they involve building the side wall closer to the neighbouring building border and moving the rear wall of your property into the rear garden, creating an L shaped house extension. You could select to have an open plan wrap around extension in order to create a wonderful spacious and illuminated area. A wrap around house could also be great if you want an entire floor remodelling, an increase of your kitchen size, an additional dining room, a living room extension or just to create an additional bedroom or guest-room.

However, when you are planning a wrap round extension there are various ideas and things you might want to consider such as the overall design balance of your home and the more disruptive nature of this type of extension. Few of examples include: wrap around conservatory, L shaped extension. You can view Zekon Ltd. portfolio for more exemples or you can contact us for a location visit.

Wrap around extension Zekon Ltd.


Why Zekon?

Experience is not all you need to look for when choosing the right contractor. Multiple qualifications are needed to work on a construction site, and even more are necessary if you want your project to be more than average once completed.
We have expert workers that are prepared to treat your dream project as their own, as well as electricians, plumbers, joiners, decorators, roofers, service fitters and engineers with years of experience and successful projects already completed.
Every member of our team can take pride in having completed beautiful projects, no matter the role. We offer you a professional approach and team for every new project, from general maintenance workers, electricians and plumbers to expert architects equipped with new tech.
We believe in building perfect houses while protecting our true home, our planet. That is precisely why environmental protection is a big part of each project designed or executed by our team.
We believe in building perfect houses while protecting our true home, our planet. That is precisely why environmental protection is a big part of each project designed or executed by our team.

Project mission

When it comes to extensions, multiple factors have to be considered before starting a project. We are here to help you navigate through legalities and logistics, from regulations, insurance providers and leaseholders to choosing long-lasting high-quality materials and good workmanship.

The key to any successful home extension is partnering with a reliable company. Whatever your preferences, we are here to make sure everything is done according to your needs and expectations.

Look at your home extension as a new way to grow and evolve, while still preserving your memories close and your money safe. All you have to do is dream for a better house. It's our job to make your dream come true.